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Red Light District apartments

Red Light District (The Wallen) apartments in Amsterdam

Animated, colourful and sometimes downright raucous, Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District is the place to be for sheer hedonism, perfectly suited to travellers seeking a base directly in the heart of the action. We offer many Red Light District apartments, conveniently situated within minutes of the city’s Central Station and in close proximity to the old harbour and the central core of Dam Square. This vibrant neighbourhood is surprisingly safe and is actually the most historical quarter in the capital, boasting an incredible collection of medieval architecture. Comprising of an intricate network of narrow passageways, cobbled avenues, broad canals and illuminated bridges, the Red Light District is much more attractive than one would expect and frequented by an eclectic population of families with children, grandparents and of course, swarms of fascinated tourists.

The Red Light District, or De Wallen as it is locally known, has existed since the 14th century and began to flourish particularly during the city’s Golden Age as Amsterdam became the world’s principal trading market, attracting merchants from across the globe. In the year 2000, the Netherlands publicly legalised prostitution in a valiant attempt to protect the workers, although recent findings have prompted the government to reduce the number of windows within the area, replacing the ladies with displays of art and fashion.

Red Light District highlights

Simply bursting with an array of jovial establishments, the Red Light District is the ideal setting for an evening of merriment, offering a multitude of bars, cafes and coffee shops to suit every particular desire. The neighbourhood borders the extensive Chinatown, which boasts some of the best Asian restaurants in the capital and the largest Buddhist temple in Europe. Indeed, eateries are in abundance here too although they are not always clearly visible and take a spot of investigation to unearth the hidden gems. For example, one of the finest restaurants in Amsterdam is secreted down a slim, graffiti covered alleyway, which leads to an oasis of calm, luxury and delectable cuisine at Blauw aan de Wal.

The superlative method of discovering the true delights of this effervescent district is through a guided walking tour, packed with intriguing anecdotes and interesting facts, by far the most rewarding approach to exploring De Wallen’s rich history. In the core of the neighbourhood stands the beloved Old Church, the oldest parish church in the capital, which dates back to the beginning of the 14th century. This exceptionally beautiful piece of architecture now operates as a prime centre for religious and cultural activity and annually hosts the prestigious World Press Photo Exhibition. Another historical focal point worth visiting is Nieuwmarkt, a lively square dominated by the prominent De Waag, constructed in 1488 and currently housing a delightfully luminous restaurant. Exuding a cheerful atmosphere, enjoying an excellent nightlife scene and numerous cultural attractions, the Red Light District offers a great deal more than initially meets the eye.

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Below you find our most popular Red Light District apartments and a link to all apartments in the Red Light District.

Most popular Red Light District apartments

Red Light District, Amsterdam

Red Light District, Amsterdam