Plantage District apartments

Plantage District apartments in Amsterdam

Often considered one of the city’s most overlooked neighbourhoods, the peaceful and verdant Plantage district provides an idyllic setting for an authentic Amsterdam adventure from one of our Plantage District apartments. This area is characterized by lush green spaces, a safe and laid back atmosphere, an incredibly rich history and a simply stunning array of worthwhile attractions. Wonderfully located towards the east of the vibrant central core, this attractive quarter grants respite from the jostling tourist crowds combined with close proximity to the vivacious nightlife square of Rembrandtplein and the capital’s notorious Red Light District.

During Amsterdam’s flourishing Golden Age of the 17th century, the need for accommodation became so apparent that the council elected to drain the unsavoury swamp lands surrounding the city to construct a new residential sector. The available plots were deemed too large and many remained unsold, prompting a new direction for the Plantage; a lush recreational area where affluent citizens could purchase allotments and gardens, and subsequently relax in this picturesque environment. The popularity of the Plantage rapidly increased over the ensuing centuries, and by the late 1900s became a neighbourhood synonymous with entertainment due to its high concentration of bars, dance halls and theatres. The atrocities of the Second World War permanently transformed this once care free region as German officers utilized one such jovial theatre as a prison for thousands of Jewish residents before their ultimate deportation to concentration camps.

Plantage District highlights

Although encompassing a relatively small area, the Plantage District is seemingly bursting with a diverse selection of venues to add to the day’s itinerary, ranging from the ever popular and ancient Artis Zoo to the beautiful interior of the enlightening Rembrandt House Museum. The northern section that overlooks the rejuvenated waterfront is home to the instantly recognizable Nemo Science Centre, the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture (ARCAM), and the dramatically modernized and highly recommended National Maritime Museum. A short stroll east of this abundant setting will deposit you at the solitary restored windmill in central Amsterdam, De Gooyer, which accompanies an organic brewery and a rather delightful pub with outdoor terraces.

Further south lies the breathtaking Portuguese Synagogue and the fascinating Jewish Historical Museum, which border the capital’s premier flea market at the Waterlooplein. Visitors wishing to enhance their knowledge of the Plantage’s troublesome past should take a moment to observe the poignant and highly emotive memorial at the Hollandsche Schouwburg, dedicated to every single Dutch Jewish victim of the Second World War. Arguably the prettiest establishment in this already scenic quarter is the impressive Hortus Botanical Gardens, which originated in the 1600s as a medicinal herb garden for the city’s doctors and pharmacists. This beloved institution now boasts over 4,000 plant species, seven climate controlled greenhouses, and one of the most beautiful outdoor cafes in Amsterdam, the sublime Orangery.

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Below you find our most popular Plantage District apartments and a link to all apartments in the Plantage District.

Most popular Plantage District apartments

Boutique Park Apartment Amsterdam

Price per night from € 122

Modern one bedroom apartment with a garden, for a couple, located close to Amsterdam's Artis Zoo.
Plantage Park apartment Amsterdam

Price per night from € 135

Accommodating up to two guests, this charming one bedroom apartment occupies a prime position within the Plantage district of Amsterdam.
YAYS Concierged Boutique Apartments: Oostenburgergracht 005

Price per night from € 113

Providing a full list of creature comforts along with a unique, airy atmosphere, this renovated loft building offers a fantastic short-stay experience in central Amsterdam.
YAYS Concierged Boutique Apartments: Oostenburgergracht 006

Price per night from € 113

This cosy apartment offers every modern convenience in a unique loft building, just minutes from Amsterdam’s vibrant city center.
YAYS Concierged Boutique Apartments: Oostenburgergracht 010

Price per night from € 113

Just steps from the central, laid-back Plantage District, this newly renovated Amsterdam apartment offers airy ambience and a full list of creature comforts.
YAYS Concierged Boutique Apartments: Oostenburgergracht 103

Price per night from € 113

Look no further for the perfect getaway in the Dutch capital. This cosy, modern duplex in Amsterdam’s Eastern Islands has everything you’ll need for a restful, memorable stay.
YAYS Concierged Boutique Apartments: Oostenburgergracht 107

Price per night from € 113

You won’t have to go far to make the most of your stay in Amsterdam when you choose this conveniently located and fully equipped Eastern Islands apartment.
YAYS Concierged Boutique Apartments: Oostenburgergracht 001

Price per night from € 104

This welcoming loft apartment offers all the amenities of big-city life without the noise or crowds, guaranteeing a memorable stay in Amsterdam for everyone in the group.
YAYS Concierged Boutique Apartments: Oostenburgergracht 002

Price per night from € 140

This classy, modern apartment is an ideal home base for your next trip to Amsterdam, offering easy access to a wealth of cultural attractions and a full list of amenities at home.

National Maritime Museum (Scheepvaart museum), Amsterdam

National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam