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Canal Belt apartments

Canal Belt apartments

Comprising of a network of waterways encircling the south and west of the historical city centre, the picturesque canal belt is generally the image most associated with Amsterdam. Striking architectural wonders accompany floating houseboats and scenic bridges, exuding an irresistible charm that contributes to the district’s treasured status. Conceived during the capital’s thriving Golden Age at the turn of the 17th century, the ingenious plan of urban extension was the largest and most homogenous of its time, which involved draining the surrounding swamp lands, creating a system of canals in concentric arcs and developing infrastructure upon the intermediate spaces. This masterpiece of hydraulic engineering and city planning has succeeded to this day and finally received acknowledgment by UNESCO in 2010, declaring the canal belt as a World Heritage Site. We offer many Canal Belt apartments in all price ranges for you to start exploring Amsterdam.

This incredibly appealing district constitutes four principal waterways, Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht, each an attractive setting brimming with cosy cafes, superb restaurants, beautiful churches and a wonderful array of distinctive museums and attractions. This idyllic environment is the perfect choice for visitors seeking an authentic experience and an aesthetically pleasing, central base from which to explore the remainder of the capital.

Canal Belt highlights

As the canal belt encompasses a relatively large area, options for the day and evening’s activity are vast and varied, offering venues to suit every taste and desire. Possibly the best way to truly discover the colourful history and hidden treasures of this enchanting quarter is through a canal boat cruise, the number one tourist pursuit of the country at large, which grants an alternative perspective as you cruise past elegant mansions, many of which have been converted into museums open to the public. Such examples include the Museum Van Loon, a beautiful stately home that has successfully preserved its original 17th century interior, the delightful and highly prestigious Museum of Bags and Purses, and one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands, the remarkable Biblical Museum. One of the most unique and fascinating establishments inhabiting the canal belt is the charming Houseboat Museum, initiated in response to the constant inquiries subjected to the boat’s owner in regards to the practicalities of life on the water.

Arguably the most popular Amsterdam destination for the tourist masses can also be found within this desirable area, the enlightening yet deeply emotive Anne Frank House, which depicts the devastating tale of Anne and her companions during the German occupancy of the Second World War. This thought provoking museum resides next to the largest church in the city, the stunning Westerkerk, which offers unparalleled views across the capital from its soaring tower. With its endearing blend of enchanting residences, scenic images, eclectic stores and bustling yet hospitable atmosphere, the canal belt provides an enviable environment for an unforgettable Amsterdam adventure.

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Most popular Canal Belt apartments

Canal Belt area, sightseeing boat, Amsterdam

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